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CEO's Message: "The Hocking Way"

0df1f69b e762 454e bad1 50b4c9ea81abOver the last few years our company has experienced tremendous growth. As we continue to grow we must do so in a way that prepares us for the future and further enhances our ability to consistently exceed customer expectations. “The Hocking Way” encapsulates who we are as a company and reminds us of the things that we need to focus on as we continue to move forward. We have chosen to depict “The Hocking Way” as a house.

Our foundation is a combination of our core values and our processes.  Remaining true to our core values provides us with stability. Adhering to our processes keep us safe, standardized, efficient and disciplined.

343833f2 3fde 419f 96af 142a3544e4bcThe house is supported by two pillars. The first pillar is our Hocking International Family. Our people are the true value of our business and our continued success is dependent on our ability to continue to recruit and develop an extremely talented, and well-trained work force. The other pillar of our house is continuous improvement.  Each and every Hocking International employee is challenged and empowered to look for ways to improve our facilities, our processes, our products, and our relationships in a way that better supports our customers. The roof of our house represents the culmination of our efforts to provide the best support that is possible for our customers. 

Everything that we do is a customer interaction. Every meeting, every phone call, and every order shipped make an impression. Details matter. If it isn’t perfect don’t ship it!  Our facilities also make an impression. Our facilities reflect who we are. As we continue to execute in the present and prepare for the future “The Hocking Way” must be at the forefront of our consciousness. Our only limitation is ourselves. Thank you to all of our employees for being a vital part of the Hocking International Family.

-Doug Hocking, CEO

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0a8e8fa9 43c7 4e34 b90f 3cdb7b25921aHR Corner - Amy Concepcion

Thank you for the incredibly warm welcome to the Hocking Family!

Thus far, my experience with Hocking International has been fantastic and I am ecstatic to be a part of this amazing team! As the company continues to grow and evolve, I am thrilled to be leading the human resources function, in which Kathy and I will be working toward creating and updating processes and policies that enable us to streamline, ensure all employees feel valued and help create the best work environment possible. Our biggest asset is our people and we want your experience here at Hocking to be positive and rewarding!

Welcome to the following new employees: 

  • Juan Carlos Lopez AmadorProduction Associate, San Marcos CA
  • Jack BeeryPlant Manager, Pipestone MN
  • Sheri ChaseProduction Associate, San Marcos CA
  • Amy ConcepcionDirector of Recruiting & Human Resources
  • Jimmy DunnProduction Associate, Pipestone MN
  • Isaac LeeChief Operating Officer (COO)
  • Terrence PratherProduction Manager, San Marcos CA

More updates and information from HR to be coming soon! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Kathy or myself should you need any assistance, have any questions or would like to just come by for a quick chat! We’re here for you!

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44c484d4 a35d 40bd a572 7561afa6c4bcOperations Corner - Isaac Lee

Hocking International Family, thank you very much for the warm welcome to the company.  I truly appreciate having the opportunity to work with a great home office and three outstanding production teams. In my short time with the company I have definitely observed the pressure that we are under to get orders out the door in a timely fashion.  While timelines are important our number one priority is quality.  If it is not perfect don’t ship it!    

Every interaction that we have with our customers is important.  Every container, label, cap, box, pallet, drum, tote and bulk fill order is a customer interaction.  What our customers receive on the other end communicates who we are.  Ensuring that each of those orders is perfect is paramount.  We must strive to get it right every time.  

As a true lean manufacturing company our timelines will always remain tight but we have to keep quality in the forefront of our thoughts.  We should all be leveraging things like our stop work policy and our Quality Control specialists to keep ourselves honest.  Our stop work policy empowers any employee to halt production if they think that something isn’t right.  Even if nothing turns out to be “wrong” it is better to stop for a few minutes to make sure than to end up with a bad end product.  Our Quality Control specialists are also there to help.  When in doubt ask QC!

b60d8c97 0080 4932 99fe 724bcdc927a0San Marcos Update - Rick Kennedy
Here at Hocking San Marcos we work hard to maintain a safe work environment. We spend time every morning with our employees to talk about safety and new ways to be safe in the workplace. We also have a safety meeting twice a month from our EH&S Consultant. As a result we are happy to be at 245 days accident free and have only had one time loss accident in the last two years!! Let’s keep up the good work team!!

Sylacauga Update - Jonathan Muse
Hocking Alabama is excited about the growth of our great company. As part of these exciting times we are delighted to share with our Hocking family the new additions to our facility that are helping make our success possible. Alabama recently received and installed a new air compressor system that has absolutely improved operations facility wide. These additions have helped us to be safer and more efficient while also improving the production work area. We are grateful to maintenance, purchasing, and other Hocking family members that helped make this possible. We are looking forward to more improvements as we continue our growth.

Pipestone Update - Alana Johnson
We now have a total of nine employees at our Pipestone facility. We are still working closely with HR to fill all of our remaining positions. The community is very thankful that Hocking International will be providing jobs in the area. Our nine employees here have been busy getting things ready for production.  They have done everything from painting offices to setting up pallet racking. We have also produced and shipped some product, which was a great feeling.

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Visit the Hocking website to learn more about new developments, product and service offerings, and all up to date Hocking announcements.

We will be posting more info on Hocking’s 2017 summer picnic shortly. September 8, 2017!

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