Introducing MagniPHOS - Phosphorus Fertilizer Enhancer

Phosphorus is an essential nutrient in the production of crops. It is a necessary component of just about every stage of plant growth. It promotes healthier crops and stronger yield potential. However, most of your applied phosphorus will not be available for plant uptake. Phosphorus has a negative charge and bonds with positively charged elements in your soil such as calcium, magnesium, aluminum, and iron. These bonds disable phosphorus, making it unavailable for plant uptake.

MagniPHOS creates a bond with positive charged elements that prevents them from bonding with the applied phosphorus fertilizer. This causes elements in the soil to bond with MagniPHOS and keeps the phosphorus free and available to the plant.

Protecting your phosphorus fertilizer with MagniPHOS makes more P available to your crops which can lead to rapid early growth, healthier crops and stonger yield potential.

magniphos download

Download MagniPHOS brochure by clicking image or HERE

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