Our People

Our team of talented professionals is essential to our success

We know that attracting a talented and diverse workforce is a large factor in our continued success. We continuously commit to creating an environment that offers professional challenges for our employees, which cultivates innovation and creativity, and also rewards success. We hire people who understand our values and we expect them to act upon the principles that we believe in. We believe these principles ultimately establish a culture in which people can thrive. Our work environment allows our talented staff to focus on doing their best work, in turn, leading to high quality and innovative products, extraordanary customer service and overall dedication. 

Professional Development

We encourage our employees to further their education, and continuously develop skills that will keep them competitive in the workplace. Because we believe our employees are our greatest asset, we prioritize their professional development which will lead to greater strength and prosperity not just for our staff, but for our company as a whole. They are encouraged to enroll in programs that will strengthen their standing within their current field or prepare them for advancement within the company. We encourage attendance of seminars, conferences all educational opportunities that are industry-related. 


Our employees are always made aware of developments in our industry. Employees that serve in leadership positions often meet with employees to discuss ways to improve our company, and their opinions are carefully considered. We strive to establish a workplace culture that allows employees to voice their concerns without hesitation and we do our best to resolve those concerns in the most professional manner possible. We encourage our staff to bring their concerns to their managers or our human resource department so that questions can be answered. We have an "open-door" policy so in the event that an employee who for any reason does not feel comfortable reporting a concern to their managers can voice concerns privately and in confidence. 

Compliance with National and Local Laws and Regulations

We fully comply with all federal, state, and regional laws and regulations governing the jurisdictions in which we operate. We prepare comprehensive written guidelines for our employees in which they can reference in cases that require "standard operating procedure" guidance. We regularly update our workplace guidelines and practices to recognize changes in law, evolving practices, and input from management and our employees. 

Diversity in our Workforce

Hocking International Laboratories is an equal opportunity employer. We are greatly committed to providing consistent and equal employment opportunities for existing employees and perspective employees. We do not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, gender, age, national origin, sexual orientation, medical condition, marital status, physical or mental disability or any other legally protected characteristics. We strongly prohibit harassment of any individual on any of the bases listed. 

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Our Products

We offer a broad spectrum of products.