Our Core Values

The solid foundation upon which our business is built

We are led by our simple yet essential core values; they form the solid foundation upon which our business is built. We aim to become the most trusted, innovative, reliable producer of specialty chemicals worldwide. Our company is founded on the belief that all of us are subject to a higher and divine authority, and that we should aspire to goodness, integrity, and fairness. Our mission is to provide optimum value in the form of quality products, integrity, competitive and fair pricing, and service that exceeds our customers' expectation. We proudly manufacture all of our products in the USA.

cu core valuesPeople Are Our Greatest Asset 

Our talented employees are the key to developing and sustaining relationships, and ultimately, our people deliver work that adds value to our business. We are committed to providing our employees with an inclusive environment and meaningful work through which they can make lasting contributions as they develop and grow their careers with us. We value sharing information in a trusting environment of openness, learning, candor, and empowerment. We encourage creativity, innovation, and producing cutting edge technology.

We Are Relationship Based 

For more than 38 years, we have been committed to supporting not only our customers but also our communities and employees. We work hard to earn the trust and confidence of our customers. Our culture is built on a set of key values and a commitment by our employees to always do what we know to be right. We constantly work to serve each of our customers in a manner deserving of their continued trust. We deliver superior and measurable value that exceeds what our clients can find elsewhere. We serve as their advocates and support them in their global aspirations. In simplest terms, our “relationship” value establishes an expectation of service, trust, and business partnership.

Growth Is An Imperative 

Our clients' needs drive our business, so we grow in pace with their growth. To compete in the global marketplace demands growth, and profitable growth is what all our customers, and employees all benefit from the most. We work together to achieve our goals and to celebrate our successes.

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Our Products

We offer a broad spectrum of products.