Committed to Our Environment

Proud to be a Zero Wastewater facility

encinaWe strive to protect water quality in our region so that local beaches are safe for swimming and marine life is not impacted.  We are proud to be a zero wastewater facility. All of our wastewater is recycled to allow for the beneficial use of wastewater by-products.

Water Recycling

Water conservation is key to ensuring water reliability. Water reclamation plants in California produce water used for irrigation purposes. These plants have the capacity to recycle 10 million gallons of water per day,  which represents about one-third of the wastewater produced in the service area.

Biosolids Reuse

Solids generated from the wastewater treatment process are dewatered using centrifuges and a heat dryer.  This converts the material into Class A biosolids pellets that are used as a biofuel or fertilizer product. 

Phosphorus Recovery

Influent wastewater to the control facility contains valuable plant nutrients. Three are of particular interest: phosphorus and nitrogen (as ammonium), which are primary plant macronutrients, and magnesium, which is a secondary macronutrient.  In the wastewater treatment process, these three nutrients combine to form struvite which precipitates as a white crystalline substance. This material can potentially be recovered and used as a source of phosphorus in commercial fertilizers. 

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